SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTECTORTHINGS blurs the boundaries of history, art and fashion design.
Founded by Hedwig Vervoort in 2018, our work focuses on the innate relationship between garments and bodies, unearthing the various ways in which the two interact. Hedwig and our team believe that fashion should be presented as an art form, using a multi-medium approach of film, performance, and installations to convey this.

SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTORTHINGS is a response to the need for slower production models in fashion. This is accomplished by making every piece with our own hands, here at our studio in Amsterdam. We take time to research strategies that help us create unique pieces, using textiles of quality that ensure a lifetime of usage. We present historical forms that we find through research in our designs; forgotten treasures of the past - readapted in a contemporary fashion.

We adopt ancient garment techniques of working with simple square patterns with adjustable ties that allow for zero waste production in our new Winter/Fall collection. We are committed to making these design processes transparent with the public, inviting visitors into our atelier to experience our process in an open, transparent setting. We value the input of each individual that contributes to our finished pieces, ensuring their names are included on every label.

Rather than holding a fixation on material ownership, we aim to create a natural connection between body, textile and craft. Most of our designs are multi-functional, rejecting the idea that a specific form has one function.

This new Winter/Fall collection builds on our ethos and commitment to prolonging the lifespan of our pieces. Through a slow, subjective approach to the fusion of fashion and individuality, this new collection explores the need for adaptive pieces that mould to disparate bodies. Using multi-purpose wearability, our designs allow for adjustable sizing and playful silhouettes. By use of a seasonless palette of apple green, lilac and beige, the collection is an ode to the timeless, lasting qualities that SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTORTHINGS value at the core.